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Membership is $22 (inc GST) per year. Please complete the form below to sign up or grab a printed form at the office. Your information will be sent to admin. Once you click submit you will be given the EFT payment details. 

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Member Name
Please list any medical conditions, including medicated behavioural issues, allergies, asthma and epilepsy, or any other conditions that may affect the safety of you / your child or others:
Emergency / Parental Contact
Emergency / Parental Contact
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By clicking submit you are accepting the agreement, which will be treated as a signed document. *
By clicking submit you are accepting the agreement, which will be treated as a signed document.
I, agree that: 1. D'faces will be in no way liable for any accident or injury sustained by myself or my child outside the scope of D'faces activities / instructions or in the event of untoward or excessive behaviour. In case of an emergency, I give D'faces permission to call an ambulance should either parent or emergency contact be unavailable and as such will be personally responsible for all costs incurred. I also understand that D'faces will not be responsible for the loss or damage of personal belongings whilst at workshops, special projects or other activities. 2. I acknowledge that D'faces of youth arts management, staff, and tutors will endeavour to take every precaution to prevent accidents from happening. 3. I authorise D'faces to use any images/sounds/materials (photographs, video or otherwise) produced / taken at a workshop, special project or other activity for the purpose of media, project reporting, publication on the D’faces website/ and all social media channels, or to distribute to associated arts bodies. 4. Any work produced from any workshop, special project or other activity will be in joint copyright and owned by the member/s, any arts worker/s involved and D’faces unless contractual or funding obligations state otherwise. 5. I agree to pay the required fee in order to participate in any workshop, special project or other activity prior to the commencement of such, in accordance with D’faces’ policy and understand that failure to do so will result in exclusion from the aforementioned activity.

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