Kidsdom - Drama Camp 2018

July 9th - 13th  2018


After the success of our previous school holiday drama camps with Michal Hughes we invited the youth artist back for another intensive week of drama in the June School Holidays. Over the course of the week the participants played drama games, developed a concept, wrote scripts, created footage, a photoshoot, characters, costuming and a set all in just five days. 

The week culminated in the short performance 'Kidsdom: If kids rolled the world'. The young people explored their ideas about what would be like and what might happen if ever adult was suddenly removed from the world. They explored various scenarios and enacted a world in which some things were very different and how the kids who take over the world find that they become just like adults. 

A big thankyou to Michal for travelling all the way from her performing arts studies in New Zealand to take on this big week and make something pretty special with this awesome group of young people.

drama group image.jpg